Smartcard not working on Windows CE 6 thin client (Citrix XenApp 5)

Written by Ingmar Verheij on April 21st, 2011. Posted in XenApp (Presentation Server)

Begin this year a customer asked me to solve his problems with smartcards (UZI-pas) on Windows CE6-based thin clients. The problem was, in short, that after removing the smartcard it was unrecognized.


As a bonus, when a user was authenticated using a certificate on the smartcard, an eject and reinsert was simulated causing the problem to raise instantly. Since the customer has over 2000 thin clients, this is a major issue.

During some investigations I found out that the problem did not occur with the Win32 client, only with the CE6 client. So one solution could be to replace all thin client  with a Windows Embedded version since this is a Win32 platform. As you can imagine, no customer is happy to hear this as a “solution”.

I found an article which (pretty much) described the same problem : CTX112358 . So I created CDF traces and process monitor logs, called Citrix support and created a support call.

It took around 3,5 months to locate the problem and fix the problem, but today I received a private build that fixed the problem. Yeah!

Altough it is a shame it took longer than expected, I’m very happy Citrix solved the problem (on the “old” Windows CE platform)!


The resolution to the problem is twofold:

1) On the client side : A new ICA client is required (private build for now, a public build will be released soon, check the Citrix download site for a client released after 22 April 2011)

2) On the server side : scardhook.dll version 4.5.4400.1 is required. It can be found in the Hotfix Rollup Pack 6 for XenApp 5 – CTX122756.


Ingmar Verheij

Ingmar Verheij

At the time Ingmar wrote this article he worked for PepperByte as a Senior Consultant (up to May 2014). His work consisted of designing, migrating and troubleshooting Microsoft and Citrix infrastructures. He was working with technologies like Microsoft RDS, user environment management and (performance) monitoring. Ingmar is User Group leader of the Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG). RES Software named Ingmar RES Software Valued Professional in 2014.

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