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Backup Synology to CrashPlan Pro (on Dutch server at Pro Backup)

Written by Ingmar Verheij on May 19th, 2012. Posted in Synology

I wanted to backup the data from my Synology DS212+ NAS to an offsite, secure, location so that I can retrieve my data in case of an emergency.

After some research I ended up at CrashPlan who offer both Windows, Apple as Linux clients. Since there are numerous articles written about how to install the CrashPlan software on a (Synology) NAS I figured it would be an easy task. Installing the CrashPlan (Pro) software was indeed an easy task after I found a ready to install package here.

If you want to backup you data to a server hosted in the Netherlands (or in Germany) you end up at ProBackup, like I did. I found out (after a while…) they’re using an old version (version 2010.03.08 instead of 3.2-008).

In this post I’ll explain what steps you’ll have to take (or hoops you have to jump) to get in working, cause I did…

If you don’t have terminal access, please install that first (link)