Quest vWorkspace mugs are cool :-)

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Or are they HOT?

Ahead of the Hype Cycle

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Author : Ingmar Verheij

Gartners Hype Cycle

Gartner analyses the maturity of more than 1,800 technologies trends. Based on the maturity of a technology or trend a decision can be made to adopt or ignore, postpone or adopt the innovation.

In 2010 Gartner published the ‘2010 Special Report’ and consisted of 75 individual Hype Cycle reports, each of which gives a snapshot perspective of a key area of IT or business.

The IT industry acts on trending topics by creating products or solutions and convincing customer to adopt a certain trend or technology. Current trending topics are ‘Bring Your Own’, ‘Consumerization of IT’, ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘Hosted Virtual Desktop’.

A trending topic (for many years) in The Netherlands is ‘Het nieuwe werken’ (The new working). A trend where flexibility, working from any location and using social media is accepted

My speedometer is lying!

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Speedometer (100 KM/h)When driving in my car I regularly look at my speedometer, just to make sure I’m not driving too fast. But how usefull is this if the speed I’m reading on the speedometer is wrong. I knew there was an offset, but I never checked how much the offset was.

After “extensive” research my conclusion is: My speedometer is lying!

Recently a law has changed in The Netherlands, due to this new law the maximum speed is increased from 120 KM/h to 130 KM/h. This raised some questions to a lot of drivers, usually about speeding tickets. Since the police is using a correction of 3% this means you can drive 133,9 KM/h without getting a speed ticket, right?

Well, it depends on where you’re looking for the speed you driving. My speedometer has an offset of roughly 10%, which is a lot IMO.

(No more) support for Windows Server 2003 R2

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As of tomorrow, 7/14/2010, the mainstream support for Windows Server 2003 R2 is retired. This applies to all versions (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, etc., 32-bit and 64-bit).
For Business and Development software, like Windows Server products, the support gets extended for an additional 5 years. This “Extended support phase” will end on 7/14/2015.

The good thing about the extended support phase is that security updates and paid support (including pay-per-incident Premier and Essential support) remain available. The same thing applies to the self-help online support such as knowledge base articles and online information.


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Dear user (family, friend, etc.)

Don’t you just hate all this unsolicited e-mails which fill up your mailbox? Me too, it really annoys me the way they seem to find the way to my mailbox although I’m really careful with spreading my address. What? You’re having the same problems? Ah, well let me explain to you why you’re getting all this spam, and why I’m getting it as well.

How weird is it that they seem to know you’re e-mail address and all of your relatives. Somehow all people from your address book seem to have gotten that same e-mail, you even received from “non delivery reports” from people you haven’t e-mailed in years…